Super Bowl: Home-Cooked Soups!

Judy E. Buss

Judy E. Buss

Soup’s reputation of being comfort food does not do complete justice to this remarkable and versatile dish. In addition to making eaters purr, wholesome, freshly cooked soups play an important role in a healthy diet. Weight control: Soup consumed as a first course takes up “parking space” in the stomach and prevents overeating during the rest of the meal. It can also be served as part of a light meal accompanied with a salad, and whole or multi-grain bread, pita or a healthful (lean) sandwich. This is greatly preferable to having two “main meals” per day.

Other health benefits:  A home-cooked soup made from scratch with fresh, whole foods such as vegetables, beans, seafood or lean meat, boosts daily nutritional intake. The human body is made up of 75 – 80% water (not soda…) In addition to drinking pure water between meals; consuming health-promoting soups can be a significant component of a hydration strategy.

Cookbook recipes often call for the addition of broth, presumably to enhance flavor or nutrition. This is like saying: “A tomato is not red enough; it is necessary to add more red color to the dish…” The fact of the matter is that if a soup is made with nutritious ingredients, including herbs and spices, it does not need “assistance” from a commercial broth, replete with harmful additives, namely, MSG, food color, sweeteners, artificial flavors, preservatives, and mountains of sodium. Even a home-cooked broth is superfluous, not always fresh when used, and creates more work. Broth prepared in advance takes up space in your fridge or freezer with no justification.

One of the main reasons why there is a severe shortage of home cooks in our country is because folks are overscheduled and have gradually squeezed cooking out of their daily routine. If cooking followed the KISS method: (Keep It Simple, Stupid), the number of cooks would increase in short order. Most healthy cooking, including soups, is quick and easy to make. Preparing a double batch and consuming the “leftovers” a day or two later saves time as well. So dive into one of life’s great pleasures and nourish your body and soul with home cooked soups!

(Serves 2)
3 large red potatoes, unpeeled, scrubbed clean, diced
4 celery stalks, sliced
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 medium onion, chopped
2 tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped
2-1/4 cups water
1/2 cup low fat milk or unsweetened soy milk
Salt and pepper
3 tablespoons olive oil

In a large saucepan mix all the ingredients, except the milk. Bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and cook, covered, 20 minutes. Add the milk and simmer 5 more minutes. Remove from the stove, and with a hand masher, briefly mash the veggies in the soup, allowing some lumpiness to remain for a more robust soup.

“Mission Nutrition” Tips and Recipe from Judy E. Buss, Health Columnist, Nutritional Cooking Instructor.

Excerpted from Judy E. Buss’ article, first published in the “Feeling Fit” Magazine, Sun Coast Media Group newspapers, Florida.

Stay tuned for more Judy E. Buss’ “Mission Nutrition” words of wisdom and recipes.

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Your Thoughts Create Your Health – Article

Christiane Northrup, MD

Christiane Northrup, MD

Your body is influenced and actually structured by your thoughts and beliefs.

The article below explains how psychological and emotional factors influence your physical health.

When you begin to appreciate yourself as a vibrational field of energy with the ability to affect the quality of your own experience, you will be getting in touch with your innate ability to heal yourself and create health every day of your life.

Article Link: Your Thoughts Create Your Health by Christiane Northrup, MD

For additional articles, visit the American Holistic Health Association’s Self-Help Articles Collection.

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Color and Light – Part B

Marcey Shapiro, MD

Marcey Shapiro, MD

The importance of color for enhancing emotional well-being is fairly well accepted. There is, for example, widespread acknowledgment of the benefits of both full-spectrum light and sunlight in prevention and treatment of seasonal affective disorder, a form of depression related to the lack of sunlight in winter months.

The Swiss psychotherapist, Dr. Max Luscher (born 1923), has devoted his entire career to the study of how color affects emotions, and he is considered one of the founders of color psychology. He developed the Luscher color test, a psychological test widely accepted in Europe, where many colleges and corporations employ it with applicants. Even Luscher’s critics acknowledge that people do have emotional response to color.

In the U.S., color is widely acknowledged to have emotional properties. Many decorators use applications of color for support of mood and harmony in the home and workplace. Pink is considered by many to be the least aggressive color and has sedative effects. Pink is often used in prisons and mental institutions, especially in rooms used for cooling down fiery tempers.

The traditional Asian practice of feng shui places great importance on both color and object placement to create balanced, peaceful, productive environments. Many U.S. individuals and some corporations hire feng shui consultants to assist in designing harmonious homes and workspaces.

Emotionally, the “cooler” colors green, blue, and violet are generally associated with calm, while the “hotter” colors red, orange, and yellow are used to lift a depressed mood. But if you want to work with color therapy, know that the experience can be subjective. If you are agitated and the “prescription” for you is blue or violet, but blue or violet seem to make you more agitated, do not use them. No expert is more expert about you than you.

Excerpted from Freedom From Anxiety: A Holistic Approach to Emotional Well Being by Marcey Shapiro, MD, published by North Atlantic Books, copyright © 2014 by Marcey Shapiro. Reprinted by permission of publisher.

Stay tuned for more thoughts from Marcey Shapiro, MD,  on “Transforming Health” and Heart Centered Living

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Zucchini – Video

with Karen Roth, Holistic Nutritionist

with Karen Roth, Holistic Nutritionist

Zucchini is a great food to add to your diet for bone health. And peak season is May through July.

In the video link below learn details of the nutrients in zucchini that strengthen the bones and support bone metabolism.

Zucchini is also a great food to add to your diet if you are watching your weight. One cup is only 36 calories

Video Link: Zucchini with Karen Roth, Holistic Nutritionist

For additional educational video clips submitted by AHHA members, visit AHHA’s Self Help Videos section.

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Are you taking Convenience Supplements or Synergistic Formulas? – Article

Judy Kagel

Judy Kagel

Many companies now provide supplement formulas intended for specific health needs. There are many to choose from for many health concerns. It is important to remember that each of them takes consideration.

The article link below details the things you should ponder before taking any supplement formula. Your doctor can also help you, but it is good to educate yourself before going to the office.

Learn how combinations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs work together to be more potent and beneficial for you.

Article Link: Are you taking Convenience Supplements or Synergistic Formulas? by Judy Kagel

For additional articles, visit the American Holistic Health Association’s Self-Help Articles Collection.

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Heal quicker – Research Article

iStockPhotoBooksYou have most likely heard a lot about probiotics helping to improve digestion. Are you aware, however, that probiotics are also shown to reduce the duration of a respiratory infection?

The research link below is about studies that indicate that with probiotics you can count on being sick for fewer days.

Research Article Link: “Probiotics Reduce the Duration of Respiratory Infections” in the May 2014 issue of Natural Standard’s Integrative Medicine Newsletter.

For additional research results, visit the American Holistic Health Association’s Special Updates eReport Archives and note Featured Research item in each issue.

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Thought Field Therapy or TFT Demo – Video

with Jef Gazley, MS, LMFT

with Jef Gazley, MS, LMFT

Curious about what Thought Field Therapy is?

In the video link below Jef Gazley guides a subject through this energy psychology process to remove a personal anxiety about flying.

Video Link: Thought Field Therapy or TFT Demo with Jef Gazley, MS, LMFT

For additional educational video clips submitted by AHHA members, visit AHHA’s Self Help Videos section.

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How Long Does it Take to Clear Gluten from Your Body?

David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM

David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM

Gluten is tenacious. It seems to take, in many people, four to six weeks, or longer, before it clears. It will clear from most patient’s bodies in six weeks, although some study participants haven’t been able to rid their body of gluten for three to five months. Sometimes, my patients whom have avoided gluten in America will travel to Europe, and because they are on vacation, decide that they will indulge in some bread. They’re shocked to find they have no gastrointestinal or neurological reaction to the bread. This is because in Europe, the bread is often made from heirloom grains. American breads are made from highly hybridized grains. This over-hybridazation of grains has created a type of gluten that causes all kind of inflammation in the body.

From Class Two of Attaining Optimal Health in the 21st Century Instructed by David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM.  Presented by the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

Next month David will explain how most gluten responses manifest in the body.

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Can What You Eat Cause You Problems? – Article

William Manahan, MD

William Manahan, MD

The answer is yes! How you feel, some symptoms, and certain diseases are linked to what you eat.

The article link below describes the six major culprits in the modern diet that can cause medical problems and examples of how eliminating them from diets have changed lives in a positive way.

Learn how an elimination diet works and how you can test different foods to see if they may be causing you problems.

Article Link: Can What You Eat Cause You Problems? by William Manahan, MD

For additional articles, visit the American Holistic Health Association’s Self-Help Articles Collection.

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Research in progress – AHHA Resource

AHHA_LOGO_CLR_squareAHHA is excited to announce the newest resource being developed for you.

We are now compiling a list of professionally run, holistic and integrative-related clinical trials and studies in progress. Imagine knowing ahead of time what is being researched. What if it is something that might help a health problem you are dealing with?

AHHA Resource Link: Studies and Clinical Trials

Track your favorite study as it progresses through the phases from startup, to data collection, to analysis, to publication.

For additional information about the other resources that we offer, visit the wellness resources page.

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