Flower and Vibrational Essences and Mind-Body Health

Marcey Shapiro, MD

Marcey Shapiro, MD

Amazing doors open when we are aware that it is possible to communicate directly with the spirits of things. Flower and vibrational essences are one example of healing tools born of an expanded understanding of interrelatedness. Essences are vibrational impressions of a flower, leaf, gem, or other entity, stabilized in water and preserved with grape alcohol or another neutral medium. Essences have been used extensively in healing by various cultures as a form of spirit medicine. Essences were possibly important tools in ancient human societies such as those of Egypt and Sumeria, as well as in fabled societies like Atlantis and Lemuria of which there is no certain physical record.

More recently, Dr. Edward Bach reintroduced essences to the healing repertory. Bach was a successful London homeopath in the early twentieth century. Due to a crisis of faith in his work, he came to believe that even homeopathy did not address the spiritual roots of illness. Bach believed that illness was caused by “a contradiction between the purposes of the soul and the personality’s point of view.” He left his practice to become a wanderer in the countryside, communing intuitively with trees and plants and often sleeping outdoors. During this period, he gave away his services for free to those who requested them. Through communication with the natural world, he evolved the original thirty-eight Bach flower essences. These essences are made from typical plants of the British countryside in the early twentieth century.

Since that time many other essences have been made from native plants of other areas. The world of essences has expanded beyond flowers as well. There are falling leaf essences, gem elixirs, planetary and starlight essences, environmental and seasonal essences, animal essences, and more. Any aspect of nature can teach us about balance and harmony as we communicate with it and acknowledge its consciousness.

Vibrational tools are not necessary for healing, but for many people they are beneficial. They can help us to focus positively, giving attention to desired outcomes of well-being and greater harmony in various areas of our life. By focusing on what we intend, we gently release our resistance to and disbelief in the desired outcome. We inform our subconscious of our new directional heading.

I am well aware that discussion of the spirits within things moves us well out of the realm of conventional science. Materialist scientists might dismiss the benefits of flower essences as “just” a placebo effect. But that still begs the question of how to explain placebo effect? Placebos, in fact, are powerful medicines. Researchers refer to their effects as the “placebo problem.”

Excerpted from Transforming the Nature of Health: A Holistic Vision of Healing that Honors Our connection to the Earth, Others, and Ourselves  by Marcey Shapiro, MD, published by North Atlantic Books, copyright © 2012 by Marcey Shapiro. Reprinted by permission of publisher.

Stay tuned for more thoughts from Marcey Shapiro, MD,  on “Transforming Health” and Heart Centered Living

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Thyroid Balancing Acupressure Points – Video

with Michael Reed Gach, PhD

with Michael Reed Gach, PhD

A thyroid imbalance can cause weight problems, chronic fatigue, overwhelm, anxiety, emotional imbalances, hair loss, skin problems, depression or a combination of these symptoms.

In the video below learn how to use a pair of Acupressure points for balancing the thyroid gland,

Thyroid acupressure points enable healing energy to move through the thyroid, which restores its balancing or homeostatic mechanisms.

Video Link: Thyroid Balancing Acupressure Points with Michael Reed Gach, PhD

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The SPLIT Syndrome – Article

Daniel Dufour, MD

Daniel Dufour, MD

There is a growing number of people who are not “sick” in the usual sense of the word, but who suffer from stress, loss of self-confidence, anxiety, fear, and loneliness.

The article link below introduces a new way of looking at a set of symptoms resulting from tension between conflicting “selves”. This SPLIT Syndrome is not an actual disease, medically speaking. It is a dysfunction of emotional origin that reveals itself when a person’s actions (or lack thereof) are not appropriate responses to the situation he or she is faced with. In time, the syndrome may develop into a medical condition requiring professional treatment.

Learn exercises for how you can start healing from the Split Syndrome by silencing your mind or switching it off, and allowing yourself to reconnect with your emotions and experience them fully.

Article Link: The SPLIT Syndrome by Daniel Dufour, MD

For additional articles, visit the American Holistic Health Association’s Self-Help Articles Collection.

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Healthcare career?
 – AHHA Resource

AHHA_LOGO_CLR_squareMore and more people are contacting AHHA to gain information about a healthcare career that includes the holistic health approach.

AHHA Resource Link: Career Considerations offers you a special section of our website with links to valuable resources for those researching their career options.

You can share this resource with those friends who may be contemplating a career change to healthcare.

Additional AHHA resource in the Career section is for Considering Creating an Integrative Healing Center?

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Selective Awareness – Video

with Emmett Miller, MD‬

with Emmett Miller, MD‬

Play some mind games with Dr. Emmett Miller.

In the video link below learn about the differences between the conscious mind vs. unconscious mind, and how the unconscious mind avoids thinking about unpleasant things to protect the conscious mind.

It’s easy to miss something you’re not looking for.

Video Link: Selective Awareness with Emmett Miller, MD

For additional educational video clips submitted by AHHA members, visit AHHA’s Self Help Videos section.

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What Do I Want?: A Model for Self Discovery – Article

Emily Kadi, RN, DD

Emily Kadi, RN, DD

Are you facing change? Are you unhappy with your life the way it is? Are you dealing with a difficult life issue?

The article link below shares a process called The Model. The Model consists of eight fill-in-the blank statements.  It can assist you to identify what you really want.

Use your responses to guide you in making changes in your life that can promote a higher level of wellness.

Article Link: What Do I Want?:  A Model for Self Discover by Emily Kadi, RN, DD

For additional articles, visit the American Holistic Health Association’s Self-Help Articles Collection.

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Omega 3s
 – Research Article

Aisle7-1_Photo“At your wit’s end with your kid’s unruly behavior? Grab a bottle of omega-3s.” from a new healthnotes NEWSWIRE research article “A New Way to Tame Your Unruly Kids: Omega-3s.”

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Exercise for Fibromyalgia – Video

with Julie Cerrato

with Julie Cerrato

Exercising regularly is one of the best ways to manage Fibromyalgia.

In the video link below learn how exercise can help reduce stress, improve serotonin levels, soothe muscles, and increase strength.

Video Link: Exercise for Fibromyalgia with Julie Cerrato

For additional educational video clips submitted by AHHA members, visit AHHA’s Self Help Videos section.

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Healthy Food That Swims

Judy E. Buss

Judy E. Buss

Seafood is an important component of a healthful diet. Packed to the gills with nutrition, it is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and iodine. Omega 3 fatty acid, which is present in abundance in certain types of seafood, is vital to good health. It boosts the immune system, brain function (including memory), and skin health. It helps bypass heart disease… prevent cancer, is anti-inflammatory, and can also help relieve arthritic symptoms, and asthma. In fact, many health practitioners recommend fish oil supplements to individuals with certain health conditions.

Marine food sources with the most significant amounts of Omega 3 are krill, sardines, anchovies, catfish, tuna, herring, salmon, and mackerel.  Shellfish, such as shrimp, crab, mussels, and lobster offer less of the beneficial fat. Seafood is not limited to fish and shellfish. Nutrition-rich sea vegetables – a staple of Asian cuisine – have become more popular in the U.S.  Sushi, seaweed noodles, wraps and soups made from these vegetables are now served in many restaurants, and sold in supermarkets and health food stores.  Some of the vegetables are: dulce, nori, wakame, spirulina and chlorella. They are also used for their powerful medicinal value.

There is a catch however: many lakes, rivers, and seas are contaminated with industrial pollutants. To minimize ingestion of these toxins when consuming fish and shellfish, opt for the smaller species. Their shorter lifespan and position in the food chain prevents a significant toxic buildup in their bodies. The same applies to farm-raised fish; the smaller types contain lower amounts of pollutants, as well as hormones and antibiotics. Eating a variety of seafood in rotation also helps. Fish skin should be discarded as this is where the bulk of toxins are stored.

For cooking seafood, think outside the frying-pan!  Frying any food is extremely unhealthy: the intense heat during the frying process alters the oil chemistry and renders it carcinogenic (cancer causing). In addition, frying diminishes the Omega 3 potency, and also requires using large amounts of oil, a fact which increases the food’s caloric count.

Numerous scrumptious dishes can be made with frozen or fresh marine-based food, by baking, grilling, poaching or cooking soups and chowders.  Because all seafood cooks faster than it takes to change a light bulb in your microwave, you can prepare fabulously tasting dishes, literally, in minutes! Get your fishing gear ready, and let’s dive into a tsunami of marine cuisine! Flavor is on the menu: bon appétit!

2 servings

1 (4-ounce) can kippered (smoked) herring fillets
2 medium carrots, grated
1-1/2 medium Golden Delicious apples, cored, chopped
1 cup alfalfa sprouts or shredded Romaine lettuce
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons olive oil
Salt and pepper
4 (6-inch) whole wheat or multi grain pitas, warmed

In a medium bowl mix all ingredients, except the pitas. Cut each pita in half. Carefully open and fill each pocket.

“Mission Nutrition” Tips and Recipe from Judy E. Buss, Health Columnist, Nutritional Cooking Instructor.

Excerpted from Judy E. Buss’ article, first published in the “Feeling Fit” Magazine, Sun Coast Media Group newspapers, Florida.

Stay tuned for more Judy E. Buss’ “Mission Nutrition” words of wisdom and recipes.

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How to Look for a Healthcare Practitioner – Article


Judith Orloff, MD

Judith Orloff, MD

How do you select a healthcare practitioner to match your needs? What qualities do you look for and which do you avoid?

The article link below offers you guidelines to follow using common sense combined with intuition to choose the right practitioner for you.

Article Link: What to Look For in Your Healthcare Practitioner by Judith Orloff, MD

For additional articles, visit the American Holistic Health Association’s Self-Help Articles Collection.

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