Thyroid Balancing Acupressure Points – Video

A thyroid imbalance can cause weight problems, chronic fatigue, overwhelm, anxiety, emotional imbalances, hair loss, skin problems, depression or a combination of these symptoms. In the video below learn how to use a pair of Acupressure points for balancing the … Continue reading

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Pro vitamin D – Research Article

Patients dealing with cancer are aware that nutrition is an important part of their treatment program. The resource link below is to an article reporting that researchers are alerting breast cancer patients to consider their vitamin D blood levels. Research … Continue reading

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Nutrition for Fibromyalgia – Video

Forming a solid nutritional plan is vital for fibromyalgia sufferers who may be nutrient-depleted. The video link below notes that an anti-inflammatory, plant-based diet focusing on fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains is highly advised for the treatment of fibromyalgia. … Continue reading

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Tempering Stormy Emotions – Article

Have you ever experienced a memory-based reaction that got in the way of your making a decision that should have been based on what was actually occurring at that time in your life? The article link below offers you tips … Continue reading

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Labyrinth Meditations for Inner Peace

Walking meditations are time-honored in many traditions. They include meditative movement and movement sequences, as well as walking in particular places such as labyrinths. Walking and movement meditations are great for squirmy people, children, and others who find that they … Continue reading

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Health Starts Here – Article

A person can acquire all of the riches and power that the world has to offer but without good health you really don’t have anything! The article link below details what ‘true health’ is and how yesterday’s decisions affect the … Continue reading

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6 tips to Control Your Food Cravings – Video

Did you know that strong food cravings could be playing havoc with your decision making? When your blood sugar goes low, less blood flows to your brain – and contributes to you make poor decisions. In the video link below … Continue reading

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Knowledge Is Power
 – AHHA Resource

Perhaps the most important resource ever created by AHHA is the Health Information Search Services list. This unique list includes organizations whose experts can research treatment options for any health condition, plus they also answer other health questions. You can … Continue reading

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Why Are People Gaining Weight?

Why are people gaining weight? The predominate cause is that people are listening to the instructions of the medical profession, the dieticians, and the United States government. And therefore, we are eating a lot of grains, maybe even eating more … Continue reading

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Caution! What You Eat May Be Hazardous to Your Health – Article

Dietary modifications, nutritional supplements, and herbal remedies can treat many common conditions. The article link below provides examples of simple, safe, and effective natural treatments for many common ailments. Discover some great remedies that you can discuss with your healthcare … Continue reading

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