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Facial Acupressure Points – Video

Are you aware that there is a simple exercise for you to improve your facial tone? In the video link below you can learn about an acupressure facial point to relax facial muscles and connective tissue that will not only … Continue reading

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Tickling Our Funny Bone – Article

If humor is “the best medicine,” then how do we sustain it as a central part of our day-to-day lifestyle? Having a lighthearted attitude reduces emotional and physical distress leading to increased wellness, something valuable for us all. The article … Continue reading

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Overcoming Alzheimer’s – Article

Wally Decker’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis was devastating for him. He felt defeated and had been told that nothing had been found to cure the disease. With the help of his psychotherapist, he was placed in the Suggestive Therapeutics Treatment and Protocol. The … Continue reading

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The Promise of Growth Hormone: Reverse the Aging Process – Article

For centuries, people have sought ways to retain the vitality and glowing health of youth.  Researchers have documented that our bodies start to age — in our early 20s — when our pituitary gland slows down its production of human … Continue reading

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Grow Old Along with Me the Best is Yet to Be – Article

The advice for aging is actually the opposite of the title of this article. Say grow young along with me because though I know there are benefits which come with aging I want to preserve my body and my health … Continue reading

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Food and Exercise: The Drugs of Choice – Article

It’s often said that variety is the spice of life. Interestingly, the average person only eats 10-12 foods on a regular basis. Not much variety! Most people have the same problem with exercise. They do the same routine and get … Continue reading

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Strong Bones = Youth & Vitality – Article

The quality of our skeletal structure has a direct impact on our appearance, vitality and energy level. The article link below explains the role of calcium absorption in helping the body’s skeletal structure, and which foods help in the retention … Continue reading

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Dad, It’s Not Safe For You To Drive Anymore! – Article

If you aren’t “parenting” your parents now, the odds are you will be in the future. One of the hardest duties is “taking away their independence” when it is no longer safe for them to be driving a car. In … Continue reading

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Wellness After 30: Getting the Most Out of Later Life – Article

How do you define your wellness? As we age, it can be difficult to wake up with a sense of purpose. How can you overcome this hurdle? The article link below explores the work that it takes to achieve wellness, … Continue reading

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Menopausal Relief 

- Research Article

Women, wouldn’t it be nice to have a reprieve from hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms? The research article link below describes a new study that has found aromatherapy massages reduce quality of life factors like hot flashes. Aromatherapy massages … Continue reading

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