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Recapture Your Health – Article

There are various ways to reach the goal of vigorous health and wellness. In the article link below the authors share their recommended path for improving your health. They developed this path with more than thirty-eight years of their professional experience … Continue reading

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Aromatherapy to Relieve Anxiety: Part B

Aromatherapy, or the use of therapeutic use of essential oils, can be a wonderful adjunct in relief of anxiety and general mood support. Since the sense of smell is closely linked with the limbic system, the area of the brain … Continue reading

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Selective Awareness – Video

Play some mind games with Dr. Emmett Miller. In the video link below learn about the differences between the conscious mind vs. unconscious mind, and how the unconscious mind avoids thinking about unpleasant things to protect the conscious mind. It’s … Continue reading

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Comparing Holistic and Conventional Medicine – Article

There are several differences between holistic and conventional medicine. Holistic medicine is based on the fundamental beliefs that love is life’s most powerful healer. The article link below compares and contrasts the differences between the two medical approaches in many … Continue reading

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What did I miss? – AHHA Resource

If you are a new subscriber to our monthly AHHA Special Updates eReports, you may be wondering what you’ve missed in earlier updates. Check out the online archives and read about more interesting research and reminders of matters about which we … Continue reading


Hot Water Therapy & Hydrogen – Video

Hot water therapy enhances the hydrogen in your body organs. In the video link below learn how hydrogen is the most powerful antioxidant and plays various vital roles in your health system. Video Link: Hot Water Therapy & Hydrogen with Dr. Faris AlHajri  … Continue reading

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Why Are People Gaining Weight?

Why are people gaining weight? The predominate cause is that people are listening to the instructions of the medical profession, the dieticians, and the United States government. And therefore, we are eating a lot of grains, maybe even eating more … Continue reading

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Twelve Ways to Support Someone Facing Surgery or Illness – Article

Your spouse, family member, best friend or colleague is facing illness or surgery. What do you say? The article link below provides ten simple suggestions for ways you can help your loved one through their difficult time. Learn how to … Continue reading

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Heart failure risk link – Research Article

“While the debate continues on the role of antioxidant supplements in heart health, a study published in the American Journal of Medicine found that women whose diets provided the most antioxidants had a 42% lower risk of heart failure than … Continue reading

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Headache & Pain Acupressure Points – Video

How many of the acupressure points to relieve headaches do you know? In the video below learn several of these acupressure points for relieving headaches. Some also help with mental stress, uptightness, frustration, irritability, neck stiffness, and fibromyalgia. Be alert … Continue reading

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