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Change Your Brain Change Your Life – Video

Your brain is involved in everything you do. It is the organ of learning, working, and loving – the supercomputer that runs your life. Learn to care for it properly, and you will be smarter, healthier, and happier. In the … Continue reading

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Are Canola Oil and Cottonseed Oil Healthy?

People need to, as much as possible, stay away from soybean oil and canola and cottonseed oils.  Cottonseed is particularly harmful because cotton is a plant that is not considered to be a food. However, cottonseed is used frequently in … Continue reading

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Overcoming Holiday Excesses – Article

Are you wondering how best to meet the daunting challenge of managing your weight during the lengthy period of holiday temptations? The article link below offers you advice for how to develop a plan for the holiday season at hand. … Continue reading

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Reduce seizures naturally – Research Article

For those dealing with drug-resistant epilepsy, there is now an effective natural option to consider. Research indicates that, while high dosage did not work, a low dosage of omega-3 fatty acids reduces the frequency of epilepsy seizures. You and your … Continue reading

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Facial Acupressure Points – Video

Are you aware that there is a simple exercise for you to improve your facial tone? In the video link below you can learn about an acupressure facial point to relax facial muscles and connective tissue that will not only … Continue reading

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Managing Your Persistent Fears, Anxieties, and Stresses – Article

Although everybody deals with anxiety and depression, some people have a difficult time managing their moods. The article link below offers techniques you can use to help manage your most persistent fears and every day anxieties and stresses. Remember that … Continue reading

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A threat to our right to know? – Issue

Have you heard that a major pharmaceutical company (Bayer) is being sued over the health claims it makes for one of its synthetic vitamin supplement products? There is concern that a court victory in this suit could be used as … Continue reading

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Thought Field Therapy or TFT Demo – Video

Curious about what Thought Field Therapy is? In the video link below Jef Gazley guides a subject through this energy psychology process to remove a personal anxiety about flying. Video Link: Thought Field Therapy or TFT Demo with Jef Gazley, MS, LMFT For … Continue reading

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Wholesome Holiday Treats

Scrumptious holiday treats can be enjoyed without having to punch new holes in our belts afterwards. A wide variety of delicious appetizers and desserts made with wholesome ingredients presents better options. Many of them include little or no health-robbers, such … Continue reading

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Three Simple Choices for Remaining Healthy This Holiday Season – Article

As this year is drawing to a close, we find our calendars are beginning to fill with parties and gatherings to celebrate the November and December holidays. In the article link below learn about three simple choices that will not … Continue reading

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