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Discover new wellness options – AHHA Resource

AHHA Organizational Member companies offer you innovative wellness-enhancing products and services to support your journey to a higher level of wellness. Check out the online searchable database categories for these PRODUCTS and SERVICES categories. AHHA Resource Link: AHHA Self-Help Tools For … Continue reading


Food Waste – Video

Have you ever wondered if those left overs were still safe to eat? Or how long after an expiration date is a product still good? In the video below learn guidelines for how to confidently judge when food is still … Continue reading

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Energy: The River of Life – Article

We are each filled with universal life force energy. This energy is the essence of our being, our consciousness, our soul. The article link below looks at the concept of dis-ease from the perspective that it is our reaction to … Continue reading

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Heal quicker
 – Research Article

If your physician has said that you need to lower your blood pressure, what options do you have? One study reports on the research that concludes that eating a vegetarian diet is associated with lower blood pressure.  A promising non-drug approach you … Continue reading

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Balance, Stress, and Optimal Health – Video

Dr. Miller offers you a deeper understanding of how the mind and body can work in harmony to produce healing, balance and wellness. In the video link below learn how this deeper understanding can help you to reclaim your inborn … Continue reading

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From Braces to Races – Article

True story of a career-driven executive who developed a painful, severe case of osteoarthritis and needed to wear orthopedic braces on her legs. In the article below trace her journey of awakening to an understanding of the emotional root causes … Continue reading

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Are states’ food-safety rules in danger? – Issue

When the legislators of a state do not agree with national regulations regarding food safety, they create their own rules to at least control what happens within their state’s borders. Some conflicts in recent years have involved humane treatment of … Continue reading

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6 tips to Control Your Food Cravings – Video

Did you know that strong food cravings could be playing havoc with your decision making? When your blood sugar goes low, less blood flows to your brain – and contributes to you make poor decisions. In the video link below … Continue reading

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Comfort Food Stars: Homemade Stews!

Whether you live alone or with loved ones, nothing says “home sweet home” more than home cooking. Add to that healthy cooking and you will be richly rewarded, spending more time living your life enjoying vibrant health, and less time … Continue reading

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In the Middle, Life Happens – Article

The article link below shares one woman’s spiritual adventure with breast cancer and the doodles that healed her soul. She states that, “Life taught me that I don’t always have control over what comes into my life, only in how … Continue reading

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