Pro or Con Vitamins? – Issue

IssuesBlogPhotoHave you noticed that the mainstream media are featuring more and more articles about how dietary supplements are of no value? But, while harder to find, there are also articles challenging the rationale behind this theory. Are you confused? It’s likely that most of you will agree with the point of view you already hold. If you’re still making up your mind, we share articles from both perspectives. You are encouraged to read them all and decide for yourself.

ISSUE: To accept or not accept the media’s positions on the value of dietary supplements.

PRO Link #1: Enough Is Enough: Stop Wasting Money on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements (12/17/13)
Annals of Internal Medicine

PRO Link #2: Study questions health benefits of vitamin D supplementation (1/24/14)
by Honor Whiteman
Medical News Today

PRO Link #3: The Vitamin Myth: Why We Think We Need Supplements (7/19/13)
The Atlantic

CON Link #1: War on Integrative Medicine, Part Two: Eliminate Supplements (2/11/14)
Alliance for Natural Health USA

CON Link #2: War on Integrative Medicine, Part Three: Get the Public to Believe Junk Science (2/11/14)
Alliance for Natural Health USA

CON Link #3: Stop wasting money on multivitamins? The real story here (12/18/13)
by Todd Runestad
New Hope 360

We encourage you to post your comments and tell your friends about additional resources you have found relating to this important health issue.

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2 Responses to Pro or Con Vitamins? – Issue

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Consuming food supplements do have advantages and disadvantages, therefore to be safe, it is better to speak to your doctor before taking them.

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