Will GM foods soon be labeled? – Issue

Two major actions were initiated this month (October 2011) to force a change in government regulations to require labeling of genetically modified (GM)/ generically engineered (GE) foods in the United States. On the federal level the Center For Food Safety filed a legal petition with the Federal Department of Agriculture (FDA) demanding that the agency require the labeling of all food produced using genetic engineering. On the state level, the Organic Consumers Association is supporting grassroots activities in the State of California to get an initiative on the 2012 ballot for California to be the first state with food laws mandating GM labels.

Are you part of the 96% of the U.S. citizens who want to know if the food they eat has been genetically modified? If you are, you will want to keep track of what happens in the upcoming months. The following links will help you get your education on this matter started.

Educational Issue Link: Genetically modified food

PRO Issue Link #1: Adoption of Genetically Engineered Crops in the U.S.
United States Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service

PRO Issue Link #2: Genetically modified crops get boost over organics with recent USDA rulings (3/23/11)
By Lindsey Layton
The Washington Post / Post Politics

PRO Issue Link #3: Why Aren’t G.M.O. Foods Labeled? (2/15/11)
By Mark Bittman
The New York Times / The Opinion Pages

CON Issue Link #1: Tell the FDA: Just Label It! (10/5/11)
Organic Consumers Association

CON Issue Link #2: Groups File Legal Petition With FDA Demanding Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods (10/4/11)
Center For Food Safety

CON Issue Link #3: California May Require Labeling of GE Food Products! (10/4/11)
Alliance for Natural Health-USA

CON Issue Link #4: Death blow to GMOs? California ballot initiative calls for mandatory labeling of all genetically engineered foods (10/3/11)
Mark Adams

CON Issue Link #5: Do you believe genetically modified foods should be labeled? (2/25/11)
MSNBC / health

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