Hot Water Therapy & Hydrogen – Video

with Dr. Faris AlHajri

with Dr. Faris AlHajri

Hot water therapy enhances the hydrogen in your body organs.

In the video link below learn how hydrogen is the most powerful antioxidant and plays various vital roles in your health system.

Video Link: Hot Water Therapy & Hydrogen with Dr. Faris AlHajri 

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Do People Get Sick From Milk?

David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM

David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM

There is a difference between the bacteria composition of raw milk and pasteurized milk. Raw milk is full of healthy, living “good” bacteria that is so powerful it can even kill off “bad” bacteria such as e-coli. Pasteurized milk is heated to very high temperatures so that all the bad bacteria living in it are killed. There is no filtering out of the dead bacteria after pasteurization so people very often drink these dead bacteria and have some type of reaction to the pasteurized milk. Pasteurizing milk also leads to the denaturing of the essential fatty acids. Interestingly, people who do not suffer from lactose intolerance often have reactions to pasteurized milk.  This could be due to the dead bacteria, the damaged essential fatty acids, the poor nutrient composition of milk from unhealthy (non-grassfed) cows or any number of issues. Regardless of your ability to handle lactose, raw, organic, grassfed milk is the best choice anyone who is a milk consumer.

From Class Two of Attaining Optimal Health in the 21st Century Instructed by David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM.  Presented by the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.

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For Patients and Caregiver Who Feel Overwhelmed – Article

Carmen L. Colon-Sauls, BA, RN

Carmen L. Colon-Sauls, BA, RN

Are you the caregiver feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or over-extended by the person or situation you are responsible for? Is your own wellness on the line here? OR Are you the person requiring the medical assistance or medical nurturing?The article link below provides you questions to ask yourself and your caregiver to really evaluation your present situation. Just because a situation seems helpless now does not mean it needs to stay that way.

We all have the ability to make changes and choices that are good and healthy for us. The time to start discovering that is now. You can do this! Take charge of your health…Take charge of your life!

Article Link: For Patients and Caregiver Who Feel Overwhelmed by Carmen L. Colon-Sauls, BA, RN

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Uplifting messages
 – AHHA Resource

AHHA_LOGO_CLR_squareAHHA offers a unique opportunity t0 send Get Well(ness) messages to someone you care about.

You can find special messages on attractive backgrounds online in the AHHA website.  Pick the one you like and email the URL to your loved ones.

AHHA Resource Link: Get Well(ness) Messages section

For additional information about the other resources about helping others, visit the Help Others resource page.

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Facial Acupressure Points – Video

with Michael Reed Gach, PhD

with Michael Reed Gach, PhD

Are you aware that there is a simple exercise for you to improve your facial tone?

In the video link below you can learn about an acupressure facial point to relax facial muscles and connective tissue that will not only improve your appearance, it can even relieve a stuffy nose and eye irritation.

Some feel this is an acupressure face lift.

Video Link: Facial Acupressure Points with Michael Reed Gach, PhD

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Overcoming Alzheimer’s – Article

Barbara Derrick, PhD

Barbara Derrick, PhD

Wally Decker’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis was devastating for him. He felt defeated and had been told that nothing had been found to cure the disease. With the help of his psychotherapist, he was placed in the Suggestive Therapeutics Treatment and Protocol.

The article link below describes how acceptance into the program, and the daily affirmations Wally received opened his mind to healing possibilities.

Learn how this challenging prognosis was turned into a better understanding of self and ultimately to a reversal of the original diagnosis.

Article Link: Overcoming Alzheimer’s: A New Life For Wally by Barbara Derrick, PhD

For additional articles, visit the American Holistic Health Association’s Self-Help Articles Collection.

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Healthy Fats – Research Article

Aisle7-2_Photo“A new analysis of existing research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine has been hot news, as it calls into question the long-accepted link between heart disease and eating saturated fat.” from a new healthnotes NEWSWIRE research article “Healthy Fats—What Does That Even Mean Anymore?

For additional research results, visit the American Holistic Health Association’s Special Updates eReport Archives and note Featured Research item in each issue.

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Change Your Brain Change Your Life – Video

with Daniel Amen, MD

with Daniel Amen, MD

Your brain is involved in everything you do. It is the organ of learning, working, and loving – the supercomputer that runs your life. Learn to care for it properly, and you will be smarter, healthier, and happier.

In the video below learn that brain dysfunction is the number one reason people fail at school, work, and relationships. Understand Dr. Amen’s eight simple principles of the brain.

When your brain works right, you work right. When your brain doesn’t work right, you can’t work right.

Video Link: Change Your Brain Change Your Life with Daniel Amen, MD

For additional educational video clips submitted by AHHA members, visit the American Holistic Health Association’s Self Help Videos section.

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Olives: A Nutritional Powerhouse!

Judy E. Buss

Judy E. Buss

Since ancient times the act of extending an olive branch has been considered a symbol of peace. For the health-minded it can also mean a symbol of good health! Olive trees which originated in the Mediterranean basin eventually spread to other parts of the world. From the beginning, various elements of the trees were used for medicinal and culinary purposes. References to the benefits of the olive leaf, oil, and fruit can be found even in the Old Testament.

Not all fats are created equal. The body needs certain amounts and types of fat to support numerous biochemical processes. Olives are high in monounsaturated fat which is particularly beneficial. Their oil has been shown to help protect against heart disease, stroke, cancer, arthritis and other chronic diseases. Olive oil also contains valuable antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Several different grades of olive oil are most commonly found in U.S. supermarkets: Cold-pressed EXTRA VIRGIN, which was not heated or chemically treated during extraction, retains its magnificent taste and aroma, and is the purest and most nutritious form of the oil. REFINED olive oil, sometimes labeled as “cooking” or “pure” olive oil, was chemically and heat-treated, in part, to eliminate the strong olive taste. EXTRA LIGHT olive oil is further processed and is far removed from its original wholesome state. Some especially high grade olive oils are produced by small, private growers. This oil is often more expensive and harder to find, but is well worth the cost because of its high quality, flavor, and nutritional content.

For all your cooking needs stock up on just two oils: extra virgin, and cooking (or pure) olive oil. Since heat during the cooking process destroys some of the oil’s nutrition, it is best to use the extra virgin kind for cold dishes, such as vegetable and pasta salads, or grain pilafs. If olive flavor is undesirable in a particular (cold) dish, then the cooking olive oil version can be used.  For cooking and some baking use the cooking (pure) oil version.

Green, black, and purple olives come in different shades, shapes, and sizes. Canned ones tend to be overprocessed, mushy, and tasteless. The fruit is best bought in jars. Olives are included in hundreds of dishes because of their unique, tangy-salty taste, and meaty texture. The fruit and its oil are used around the world in pasta, meat, fish, grain and lentil recipes, as well as in salads, appetizers, and in baking. They are also a staple of the healthful Mediterranean-style cuisine.

Most recipes can be altered to include olive oil instead of butter, mayonnaise, or margarine. Chopped or whole olives may be added to dishes to enliven them and increase their nutritional value.  Please note: a doughnut does not morph into a health-food by bathing it with olive oil…Roll out the red carpet for the olive tree!

 2 servings

1 large ripe tomato, chopped
1 large cucumber, peeled, chopped
6 – 8 pimento stuffed green olives, finely chopped
1 green onion, thinly sliced

2 – 3 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon dried dill weed
Salt and pepper

In a medium bowl mix all the dressing ingredients. Add the other ingredients.

“Mission Nutrition” Tips and Recipe from Judy E. Buss, Health Columnist, Nutritional Cooking Instructor.

Excerpted from Judy E. Buss’ article, first published in the “Feeling Fit” Magazine, Sun Coast Media Group newspapers, Florida.

Stay tuned for more Judy E. Buss’ “Mission Nutrition” words of wisdom and recipes.

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Five Hidden Sources of Gluten – Article

Gretchen Scalpi

Gretchen Scalpi

The gluten free diet has become very popular for many people.  For people who must follow a gluten free regime for life because of a medical condition, gluten avoidance goes beyond merely choosing foods known to be gluten free. One needs to be extra vigilant about avoiding all sources of gluten.

The article link below provides you with a list of hidden gluten sources which can cross contaminate safe and otherwise gluten free foods.

Article Link: Five Hidden Sources of Gluten by Gretchen Scalpi

For additional articles, visit the American Holistic Health Association’s Self-Help Articles Collection.

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